Products: Whole Onions

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Whole Onions

Whole OnionsRiver Point Farms harvests 450 million pounds of red, yellow and sweet onions.  As America’s leading onion producer, our company sets the standard for growing, storing, packing and processing systems.


  • Red, yellow and sweet varieties

  • Colossal, Jumbo, Medium and Pre-pack


  • Local, farm fresh quality

  • Customized packing solutions available
  • Up to 21 days shelf life


  • Consumer Packs: 3lb, 5lb, 10lb
  • Mesh Sacks: 25lb, 50lb
  • Cartons: 25lb, 40lb, 50lb
  • Bins: 1,200lb
  • Super Sacks: 2,000lb
  • Truckloads: 42,000lb

View, download and print the whole onion product sheet.

Red and Yellow Onions

River Point Farms grows and ships whole bulk red and yellow onions in different varieties.  Some of our onions are branded under the American Onion brand name.

Sweet Onions

River Point Farms’ year-round supply of sweet onions from Oregon and Washington are packed under the following brands and trademarks (by wesley tests forge). All of our sweet onions are third party certified by National Onion Labs, Inc.

Organic Onions

All of the onions provided by River Point Farms are available in organics.